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Safety And Warning Stickers

Businesses must label safety hazards and warning stickers with Mintprint-compliant safety labels. These labels contain headers, graphics, and messages that indicate clear communication about hazards. Safety labels for machines are common. Labels are also frequently used in areas where slips and falls are likely, on electrical equipment, near chemical hazards, and in locations with dangerous atmospheres.

The Types of Safety and Warning Labels

First aid
Dangerous Equipment
Emergency Exits


Storage Tanks
Electrical Appliances
Industrial Equipment
Chemical Facilities
Construction Sites
Accident Prone Zones

Fragile Stickers

Easily Recognizable

Warning Stickers

Simple and Concise

Eye Catching


Material Type Semi-Gloss, Gloss White, Vinyl, Clear, Die Cut
Shapes Round, Oval, Square, and Rectangle
Ink/Printing Method Digital, Fanfold, 4 Process Color, Sheeted, Laminate, Ultraviolet, and Flexographic Printing
Laminate and Adhesives Gloss White, Matte Litho, Fluorescent, Silver and Gold Foils, White Vinyl, Polyester, Tyvek, Semi-gloss, Laser-Rite, TL-2 (Tire), Brown Kraft, Trans Therm 2, Thermal Transfer Multitherm
Die Selection Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Sheeter, and Tamper-proof Dies
Minimum Order Quantity 1000
Color Options 7 spot colors, and 4 process colors

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